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Latest Concert: USCJ Centennial Concert of Concern

12 Heshvan 5774
Oct 16, 2013

The Sacred Rights, Sacred Song Project is very excited to be a part of the Conservative movement’s Conservation of the Century.  We will have a booth in Centennial Square and will be presenting a fully orchestrated Concert of Concern on … more »

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Fran's Voice

4 Kislev 5774
Nov 7, 2013
Times of Israel report on Rosh Hodesh Kislev 5774
There have been many articles written about Monday morning, Rosh Hodesh Kislev 5774 (Nov 4 2013).  Read more »

17 Heshvan 5774
Oct 21, 2013
IRAC piece about Beit Shemesh 10/21/13
I have reprinted an e-mail I received from the Israel Religious Action Center.  Read more »

5 Heshvan 5774
Oct 9, 2013
HISTORIC – WOW as catalyst for change Cheshvan ’74
Shira Pruce writes an articulate piece about the historic WOW decision.  Read more »

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Recent SRSS Press

4 Tishri 5774
Sep 8, 2013
CJN Article on the SRSS Project 3 Years Later
Carlo Wolff wrote a great article about the SRSS Project in the context of our mixed media presentation at Shaarey Tikvah on Selichot night.  Read more »

11 Iyyar 5773
Apr 21, 2013
Cliff Savran, writing in the CJN, about SRSS 4-19-13
My old friend Cliff Savran, who married a fellow Ameritrust attorney Laura, and then made aliyah in 2000 writes for the CJN.  Read more »

30 Nisan 5773
Apr 10, 2013
A Report by Ilene Pruser about SRSS 4/10/13
Ilene Pruser wrote quite the story about SRSS and me!  .  Read more »

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