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story by Tracy Carloss, newsnet5.comBEACHWOOD, Ohio – The violence in Israel hit home for one Beachwood woman. Fran Gordon is a musician and activist who spends a lot of time in Israel.
Gordon was in Jerusalem when the sirens warning of incoming rockets were sounded just days ago.
“It was shocking, a siren went off in Jerusalem, haven’t heard that since the Gulf War in 1991,” said Gordon.Gordon sang at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Thursday, a day later she was taking cover when the siren went off. “Hearing the siren in Jerusalem, the entire city was shocked,” said Gordon. Gordon has visited the city dozens of times and she had been there before during waves of violence, but this time she said it was different. “I remember that gut fear and that is what I felt,” said Gordon. Gordon and a group of people spent 10 minutes huddled in a stairwell waiting for the danger to pass.

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