Our Sacred Song


(music by J.A. Kawarsky)

Can you hear it?

With all our breath, with all our spirit
we speak with G-d. Can you hear it?
Come and join us.
Sing, sing b’yachad..
Add your heartbeat, add your joy.
Our rhythms meet in sacred song.

In our homeland, some think it wrong,
that a woman leads prayer in song.
That men and women may share a dance,
that from a scroll a woman chants.
Can you hear her?

Can you hear them?

A simple truth is plain to see,
Voices define democracy.
Just as in our Jewish way,
many people have a say.

Tikun Olam begins at home,
this is the ikar of our poem.
Join the chorus of many voices,
and demand the Jewish State have choices.
Can you hear them?

Hear them!
Hear us!


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