Images of Av


(David Gooding, music)

On a hot Jerusalem day in mid-July, we learned that the camera does not lie.
Images from our Holy Place reveal the strength on Anat’s face
as she embraced and protected our Torah.

To the horror of those who traveled from afar,
each standing with mouth open and ajar.
As we saw the police of the Jewish State, bow to the fear and hate of those who deny a woman’s public right
to connect through prayer and song to our Creator of light.

Do we dare to sit in silence as this tyranny approaches?
No – the time come to say to our State that this way encroaches
upon the rights of all Jews who seek the Sacred at the Western Wall.

Am Yisrael, the pictures and the videos, like shofars call us to remember
that intolerance and hatred were the spark, the smoldering ember
that ignited the flames of destruction, in days long gone by.
Just like sacred memory, these images do not lie.


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