The Philadelphia Premiere of “A Concert Of Concern”

The Philadelphia Premiere of "A Concert Of Concern"

Sacred Rights, Sacred Song is proud to announce the Philadelphia premier of “A Concert Of Concern”, happening on Sunday, November 13, 2016, at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Art’s Pearlman Theater.

This will be a musical experience to support Israel’s Modern Jewish Democracy featuring original works spanning both generations and genres.

“Sacred Rights, Sacred Song” is an original contemporary 11-piece multi-composer cantata that uses a fully orchestrated and narrated choral presentation to educate the American Jewish community about the modern Jewish democracy movement in the State of Israel.  Through lyrics and narration that frame the issues in terms of spiritual civil rights and Public Jewish Law, this Concert of Concern seeks to raise the voices of American Jews and involve them in substantive conversations about the state of the Jewish democracy.  The ultimate goal of the concert is to energize a modern Jewish Democracy movement that works to remove the definition, interpretation and application of Public Jewish Law from the control of an ultra-Orthodox minority in the modern Jewish democratic State of Israel.

The choir and orchestra will be under direction of Cantor David Tilman and will feature special guest Naomi Less.

Tickets begin at $22 and include a dessert reception (with dietary laws observed).

For more information and tickets, visit the Kimmel Center’s events page.


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