Seven Years of Sacred Rights, Sacred Song – The Tale of An Activist’s Odyssey

Exactly seven years ago, newly separated from my husband of twenty-one years, I flew to Israel to begin life anew. Little did I know that the events of the final morning of my stay in our family home would set this reluctant feminist on quite an odyssey. On the secular calendar, the day was July 12, 2010; on the Jewish calendar, the day was Rosh Hodesh Av, 5770. That morning I joined the Women of the Wall for the monthly minyan, finding myself in the middle of the confrontation between WOW leader, Anat Hoffman, and the Jerusalem police. Before flying back to Cleveland that evening, I witnessed the police power of the Jewish State confront and assault a woman because she was carrying a Torah scroll away from the women’s section toward Robinson’s Arch. [Read more]


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