Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Sacred Rights, Sacred Song envisions Israel as a healthy Jewish democracy in which the spiritual civil rights of all Jews are protected; Judaism is expressed and  celebrated freely and equally by men and women and in its myriad forms of observance; and matters of personal status and spirit are governed by a Public Jewish Law that welcomes vibrancy and creativity.

The mission of Sacred Rights, Sacred Song is to educate the North American Jewish community about challenges to religious freedom in Israeli society and motivate them to provide moral, visible and financial support to promote a Jewish democratic society based on the notions of gender equality and freedom of worship.


  1. Raise awareness of significant challenges to democracy and spiritual civil rights in Israel; educate the American Jewish community about conflicts stemming from the dynamic tensions between religious influence and civil law in particular as it regards public observance by women; and motivate individuals and organizations to help nurture an Israel whose laws respects the religious rights of all Jews, regardless of how they self-identify.
  2.  Raise funds to support, through contributions to U.S. public charities, organizations effectively working to make changes to public life and public law within Israeli society and through its legal system that facilitate democracy and spiritual civil rights.
  3. Raise voices of American Jews through music and song to strengthen the modern Jewish Democracy movement and encourage involvement and financial support.
  4. Change the conversation about the Jewish character of Israel by energizing a modern Jewish Democracy movement that works to remove the definition, interpretation and application of Public Jewish Law from the control of an ultra-Orthodox minority.


  1. Create, foster and facilitate opportunities for the American Jewish community to engage in substantive conversation and learning about the Jewish character of the Jewish state.
  2. Produce Concerts of Concern in multiple North American and Israeli communities as a “musical social action experience,” using music, narratives and multi-media presentations that raise a collective voice against the current state of affairs.
  3. Provide financial grants and other support to non-profit organizations that address the challenges to core democratic values in Israel, notably freedom of religion and gender equality.
  4. Collaborate with local synagogues, other local Jewish organizations and individuals in communities across North America to cultivate within the American Jewish community the capacity to care about and the courage to imagine an Israeli government and society that respects the rights of all Jews.
  5. Produce educational material in print, digital and/or audio/visual platforms that educates the public about the mission of Sacred Rights, Sacred Song.
  6. Commission, partner with Jewish artists and/or otherwise identify and encourage production of music, lyrics and poetry that ask honest questions about the nature of Israeli civil society, reflect the complexities of living in a country where full religious freedom is not yet realized, and motivate listeners to take action.
  7. Conduct workshops and seminars at Jewish organizational conferences, synagogues, and elsewhere to educate about the mission of Sacred Rights, Sacred Song and cultivate future partners.