Your Voice

Lend Your Voice

SRSS invites you to join the effort to create an Israel in which:

  • the spiritual civil rights of all Jews are protected,
  • Judaism is expressed and celebrated freely in its myriad forms,
  • and matters of personal status and spirit are governed by a Public Jewish Law that welcomes vibrancy and creativity.

Here’s how:

Host a Concert of Concern in your community. This musical experience, featuring original music and lyrics, both raises awareness of the issues and funds to support, through U.S. public charities, Israeli organizations advancing religious rights and gender equality.  The concert will educate, inspire and motivate your community about the issues and bring people together for a unique social action musical experience. Contact Brynna Fish at [email protected] for details.

Learn about news developments in Israel as they affect those whose religious rights are being limited and those who are working to make change.

Also read SRSS founder Fran Gordon’s first-hand observations from her visits to Israel.

Join the work of organizations in Israel that are striving to achieve democratic rights and spiritual civil rights in Israel.

Invite SRSS representatives to present workshops and seminars at Jewish organizational conferences, synagogues, and elsewhere to educate about the mission of Sacred Rights Sacred Song and cultivate future partners.Contact Brynna Fish at [email protected]